Mini Sock Yarn Skein Sets and Club Memberships!

So, the title of this blog post pretty much says it all, but I'll say it again just for fun. We've finally got a few sets of Mini Sock Yarn Skeins listed in the shop! Hooray! Slowly but surely my goal is to continue winding mini skeins and listing various kits (palettes and mitten kits as well) but we're taking it one thing at a time and Mini Sock Yarn Skeins were up first! 

The second bit of news for today is that memberships for the next instalment of the TFA Club are now available! The Club will be formatted exactly the same as the winter instalment. So far this new format is working really well for us. I still plan to shake things up a bit at some point with a more theme specific Club, but for now I'm enjoying the freedom of doing whatever feels right!