Chris Knits A Sweater For Rowan

Chris knit this sweater for Rowan and now he's going to tell you all about it. Take it away Chris!

Tan taught me how to knit before we were married, but here's the thing about living with a super-knitter; it's always easier to pass them the work when things get complicated. The idea with this sweater was that I was going to do everything start to finish without her help. This was supposed to be a sweater that I could tell Rowan I made just for him all by myself...

Pattern: Flax by tincanknits 

Yarn: TFA Green Label Aran Weight yarn in a darker version of our Stormy colourway.

Ravelry project pages here.

And that's how it was going down, until about a third of the way through the first sleeve when Tanis noticed some of my stitches were too loose and the best thing would be to start the sleeve again on different needles. Fair enough for a seasoned pro like her, and I didn't want poor Rowan to be going around in pirate sleeves, only to a slower knitter (like myself) that kind of setback can really take the wind out of your sails.

So in the time it would have taken me to unravel the sleeve, Tanis finished the sweater. When it happened I was a little disheartened but in retrospect, following the simple and very well written Flax pattern and watching YouTube tutorials when a technique was unfamiliar helped me grow as a knitter. Maybe for the next little sweater I'll be able to say I made all by myself, but to be honest it felt pretty nice telling Rowan "mommy and daddy made this for you together."