One Last Update Before Summer!!!

The countdown is on until we shut things down for the summer! I am excited and nervous (but mostly excited) but of course we couldn’t close up shop for 2 months without doing one last big Pop Up Shop Update!

The Pop Up Shop will be updated on Sunday, June 16th at round 1pm ET. I will be as punctual as possible!

So, what will this update include, you ask? Lots of good stuff. First up, a brand new item, TFA Star blanket kits!

• The kits will be made up of TFA PureWash DK.

• Each kit will contain approximately 33 yds of 16 different colours for the star + 2 full skeins of Natural for the MC and 1 skein of Stormy for the border.*

• Kits will be priced at $138 CAD.

• I will have a very limited number of kits available this weekend but promise to add these kits to our Core Collection of kits in the fall. So there will be plenty available going forward!

• My sample blanket is not yet finished but I hope it gives you a pretty good idea of what it will look like!

• I’m using the Fly Away blanket pattern by Tin Can Knits which is sold separately here.

• I will be hosting a very casual TFA Summer Blanket KAL over in my Ravelry group again this year. I wish I had organized it sooner - hence the very casual disclaimer - but better late then never. I hope you’ll join us!

*This is the yardage I am using for this first round of kits but I may increase the yardage for the next round. I have found that this is enough with very little to spare, of each colourway needed, but perhaps a little more wiggle room would make knitters more comfortable and also make the kits more flexible for other uses? Jury is still out on what yardage the next round of kits will include.

Last but definitely not least I am excited to now be offering a super cute summer TFA T-shirt! This was a really fun project for Chris and I to tackle. One of my favourite things about owning a small business is the possibility to do whatever we want creatively - even if that includes making a t-shirt for our knitting brand that doesn’t relate back to knitting in any way but still looks cute and colourful, is something that I will wear all summer (and beyond) was fun to design and promotes our brand relatively discreetly. It’s not discreet in that it says TANIS is giant letters but it is discreet in the sense that it isn’t obnoxiously obvious at first glance that this is a brand t-shirt, y’know? I’m thinking of making it an annual thing. I already have an idea for next year’s t-shirt so I hope you like them!

We worked with Montreal screen printers The Letter Bet to make these shirts and they so kindly agreed to do a few kids sized shirts for our little crew. The boys were so pumped! Micah took his roll as t-shirt model incredibly seriously and he never does that! He’s usually the one with the back of his head to the camera in every photo because there is always something much more interesting going on. Willow has one too but had already mashed banana all over it by the time we had a chance to snap some photos.

That’s all for today friends. See you on Sunday!

Ramdomly On A Monday

• The weather has officially turned glorious here in my neck of the woods. We have spent the majority of the past three days at various parks and I brought my knitting with me everywhere. Rowan took about 50 photos of me knitting at the splash pad on World Wide Knit In Public Day. There must have been a hundred people there but somehow in every picture it looks like I’m just standing alone in a park knitting. I thought it would be cool to get a shot of me standing in front of a crowd of people knitting, but alas, I am forever a knitting loner.

• They are doing MAJOR construction on our street this summer. It started over a month ago. I’m not even completely clear on what’s happening but know that it involves the sewers/water supply. It’s madness and taking an extended summer break is turning out to have been very well timed. We have a porter potty on our front lawn.

• Woke up to no running water this morning. Managed to use the last few drips from the tap to make a pot of coffee. Seemed like the wise choice. Then Willow climbed up on Micah’s chair, ate his eggo and dumped his glass of milk. Ask me how fun it is to clean up spilt milk without access to water! I still stand by our decision to prioritize coffee though.

• Guess what! We got skunked! More specifically, we let Stella out before bed, heard a rustling and a screech and then BAM! Got punched in the nose by the unforgettably pungent smell of a ripe skunking. Our sweet Stella has been skunked before, luckily her short fur makes it pretty easy to deal with. Always exciting!

• I’m knitting a blanket! I wasn’t planning on doing a summer blanket KAL this year but it looks like the draw of the blanket is stronger than I am! I’ll be posting details in my Ravelry group and everywhere else soon.

• I have every intention of making kits for the blanket that I’m working on and it will definitely happen - hopefully even before we close down shop for the summer. Seriously though, the construction and lack of running water is making it impossible for me to guarantee that, but I’ll do my best! If it doesn’t happen in the next week or two it will absolutely happen when we’re back up and running in late August.

• 100% never thought that I would ever knit myself a bra but it looks like I’m going to! I can’t stop thinking about the Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae Martinson and today I’m going to pick my colours. No idea how I’ll wear it, but summer feels like a good time to experiment with my knitting style!

• Update on the water situation! A lovely guy just knocked on our door to let us know that the water is back up and running. One of the trucks had accidentally parked on our temporary water line. Crisis averted. Second pot of coffee should be brewing momentarily - but you won’t believe this - the kettle exploded when Chris plugged it in! What the heck is going on here today!?

• Never a dull moment. Just the way I like it!

xoxo Happy Monday all!

Five Things

I have a new hat. Willow loves it. ;)

I have a new hat. Willow loves it. ;)

Sent this selection of yarn off to a friend for a future  Love Note  sweater. What combo will she choose!!! I’m dying to find out.

Sent this selection of yarn off to a friend for a future Love Note sweater. What combo will she choose!!! I’m dying to find out.

He was so proud!!! She was dubious…

He was so proud!!! She was dubious…

So many awesome basic cardigan pattern suggestions on  this post !

So many awesome basic cardigan pattern suggestions on this post!

TFA t-shirts are coming! They will only be available in adult sizes but I did throw in a few samples for the kiddos because I just couldn’t resist. More details soon!

TFA t-shirts are coming! They will only be available in adult sizes but I did throw in a few samples for the kiddos because I just couldn’t resist. More details soon!

Summer Schedule

The webshop will be closed and not accepting orders between June 19th and August 19th. Two full month off! All orders placed before we close up shop will be processed and shipped asap. 


Is it really June already? Impossible. My kindergartener has the day off of school tomorrow and that means that he officially only has 10 school days left before he graduates from kindergarten and has the entire summer off! We are making the most of our summer this year. We’ve never done it before and we may never do it again but this year we are taking the better part of the summer off from dyeing. I hope to be working on designs and I will definitely be knitting up a storm but we’ll be taking a break from the dye pots. The blog and newsletter will likely also be a bit slower (although let’s be real, the blog has been slow for a while.)

You will never hear me complain or vent about the challenges of getting to run my business from home with 3 small children - it’s a total privilege to have this lifestyle and I thank my lucky stars every day that we get to do what we do, but this year has been crazy! I’m used to working with babies at home but I’ll be the first to admit that 3 kids is not then same as 2 kids and that extra busy body made a big difference to my sense of what I accomplished professionally this year. My sweet little girl starts daycare in the fall and I feel like it will be the beginning of a new phase in our lives. Chris and I will have the majority of the work week to buckle down and work hard without interruptions (the interruptions part is really the kicker in my experience). I have so many big plans for the fall! We’ll be attending our first major show since before we started our family (Knit City!) and I hope to get back on track with the blog and regular Pop Up Shop Updates. Life will be different.

I’m hoping to fit in one more Pop Up Shop Update before we shut down and I’ll be sure to post about it here when I’ve got the details available.

Who else is ready for a summer of recharging!?

Five Things

We’re having a Dyed-To-Order Update this weekend for our newest speckled rainbow extravaganza colourway MAGIQUE!

Magical Magique!!!

Magical Magique!!!

Continuing last week’s theme of kids in boxes…

Continuing last week’s theme of kids in boxes…

Drying racks looking like pastel perfection.

Drying racks looking like pastel perfection.

Laundry day for Chris  gets kicked up a notch when I add my black tee to the mix!

Laundry day for Chris gets kicked up a notch when I add my black tee to the mix!

Now this is a girl who knows how to have fun!

Now this is a girl who knows how to have fun!

A Day In The Eastern Townships

TFA booth

I haven’t been a vendor at a knitting event in over 6 years and last weekend’s Needles In A Haystack was the perfect way to gently ease myself back into it. It was low on stress and high on good vibes! Chris and I left the kids at home with my saintly parents and took a leisurely drive to the townships, set up a table piled high with colourful yarn and then spent the day chatting with knitters in our community. There is so much that Chris and I love about our life working from home. It suits our family and we are both homebodies at heart but every once in a while it is so energizing to spend the day with people who share our passion!

So many lovely knitters, so many gorgeous sweaters. New friends were made, old friends were hugged in person. I can’t wait to do it all over again in the fall when Chris and I travel out West to attend Knit City!

Five Things

I really hope this is going to become a sweater!

I really hope this is going to become a sweater!

tiny dish washers

tiny dish washers

fluffy pastel mohair gorgeousness

fluffy pastel mohair gorgeousness

give the kids a box and they will be happy!

give the kids a box and they will be happy!

Happy birthday to my now 4 year old!

Happy birthday to my now 4 year old!

So Many Rainbow Palettes!!!

Today’s Pop Up Shop Update will be a little earlier than usual. I’ll be adding items at 2pm.

The update will include a whole bunch of PureWash DK weight yarn and 12 limited edition TFA Palettes!


These Palettes are in honour of the release of my Wave Rider Shawl pattern. Any of these would make a gorgeous shawl but obviously they are also great for baby blankets, sweaters or whatever other colourful knit you can dream up! Putting these together is very high on the list of my favourite things about my job. Seeing how all of our colours play together, solids and speckles alike, makes my heart sing. Though I like to think that each of our colourways can stand alone, they really shine in perfect little groups of 8 like this. Love love love.

Below is most of the colourways of dk weight yarn we’ll have available (there are a few that didn’t fit into my lovely collage).

That very bottom shot is of our newest colourway Magique and it’s a stunner! It’s almost more than this rainbow loving heart of mine can handle! It’s rainbows layered on top of rainbows and I am HERE for it!

Question: Are you signed up for the TFA newsletter? If so, I’d love to know what you’d like to see there. TFA currently has a Ravelry group, Facebook page, Instagram account, blog and newsletter (sign up at the bottom of our home page). Every time I have news to share (like about a new pattern or Pop Up Shop update) I more or less share the exact same thing over all 5 networks. I’ve stopped Twitter because I never used it and also stopped podcasting for a number of reasons but still - even having cut out 2 platforms, posting the same thing across those 5 feels repetitive. I’d love any thoughts or feedback on what you’d like to see where. Thank you!

Wave Rider Shawl Pattern

Introducing my newest pattern Wave Rider! The pattern is currently on sale on Ravelry for 25% off. No coupon code needed! Sale goes until 11:59pm on Thursday, May 23rd.

wave rider

For me, creativity is a fluid thing. It ebbs and flows and though it can be hard to stay positive during the low points, I’ve learnt over the years that it’s important to be patient. I lean into the quiet times and prepare myself to ride the waves of creativity as they come. This shawl design came out of one such wave. After a long winter I finally felt my creative juices start to flow and quickly grabbed my favourite palette of colours - colours that always inspire me - and just started knitting. I cast on for this shawl with no plan other than to use a different stitch pattern for each colour. I rode the wave of inspiration from start to finish and am delighted with the results!

Are you a lover of dk weight shawls? Because I definitely am. Of course there will always be room in my wardrobe for fingering weight shawls but after years of knitting I think that I might be at a place where I can admit to myself that dk is my preferred shawl/scarf weight - though I reserve the right to take that back the next time I knit a fingering weight shawl and fall madly in love again!

I used our Turquoise Pop Palette for this little number. It’s the same Palette that I used for my sisters Christmas Camaro and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m not sure that I’ve completely gotten it out of my system (I still want my own Turquoise Pop Camaro!) but Im happy to have used it for another project. Any of our Palettes would make a gorgeous Wave Rider Shawl, I seriously don’t think you can go wrong. I’m in the middle of making up a ton of limited edition Palettes that I will be adding to the shop as soon as I’ve got them ready. Stay tuned!

Wave Rider will always be near and dear to me because it really helped to pull me out of a funk. Knitting is powerful!

The Best Sun Hat For Toddlers

Rainbow sweater details  here .

Rainbow sweater details here.

Willow has a new sun hat and it’s amazing! Last week I asked Instagram for toddler sun hat patterns to sew and there were two patterns that were recommended on repeat: The Purl Soho Baby Sunbonnet and the Reversible Bucket Hat by Oliver & S. Willow lived in a Sunbonnet last summer and I think it’s a gorgeous pattern for young babies. This summer Willow is running around and playing on her own and she needs coverage on the back of her neck (her hair isn’t long enough to cover the back of her neck). So the bucket hat it is! Here’s the thing, you can totally buy great versions of this style of hat. We were given a really nice one from the brand Puffin Gear that I thought I had lost. I was going to re-purchase it until I saw that they are $50! Could I find a cheaper hat that would do the trick? Probably yes. But that got the wheels turning. So many baby hats are not really my style. Since they are accessories the motto seems to be the crazier the print the better. If I’m going to pony up $50 for a bucket hat I’d better LOVE it! As it turns out I found our Puffin Hat (thank goodness!) but, I still wanted to make a hat now that I had gotten the urge. I rummaged through my fabric stash and picked a few faves and then spent one glorious Sunday afternoon over at my mom’s house making this hat with her.

I made the size small which is perfect for my 15 month old. We added ties because without them there is a 0% chance that it would stay on her head for more than 30 seconds. We added grommets to make the ties work on either side and I happen to love how professional the grommets make it look! You just pull the ties through the grommets so when she’s wearing it with the solid coloured side out you’ve got this little tie detail on either side that I think looks really neat.

Honestly, I don’t think that I could like this hat any more. It’s so good! Mom is already rooting through the stash to pick fabrics to make hats for the other grandkids.

Needles In A Haystack 2019

Needles In A Haystack

The lovely and talented Julie Asselin and her husband JF organize a very unique and fun event every year (this is the 4th year running) where they invite their friends and fellow fiber enthusiasts to join them to:

Meet new friends, eat cheese and shop for yarn and knitting goodies at our thoughtfully curated marketplace.

Doesn’t that sound just heavenly? I’ve wanted to go every year but babies and schedules have kept me away until now. This year Chris and I are happy to be included as one of the vendors setting up a table in the marketplace and I look forward to seeing many of you in person. I’ll be the one knitting and eating copious amounts of cheese. I mean really, does it get any better?

It has been years since we have done a show and I am really excited to get back out there.

Chris and I circa 2010

Chris and I circa 2010

I was digging through the archives looking for a photo of Chris and I at a show and I found this beauty. I wish it was higher resolution! It’s such a gem from almost a decade ago. We’re so young! Everything has changed and nothing has changed. Ain’t life grand?