Fiji socks

Pattern: Simple toe up socks. 

Yarn: Hedgehog Fibers Twist Sock in Fiji.

Ravelry project pages here.

First of all I want to apologize for the blurriness of the above shot. I honestly don't know how I got through photographing, editing and uploading that photo without noticing how fuzzy the socks were. I guess that if you were looking for a glorious shot of my ripped jeans then there you have it friends. If you were looking for a clear shot of these beautiful new socks of mine, well, you're going to have to look elsewhere I'm afraid. 

Anyways... so I knit these socks and they are lovely. I love the bright turquoise and though I'm not crazy about all the white space that comes with this sort of speckle dyed yarn I can certainly live with it. Hedgehog Fibers is the master of crazy colourways like this. I don't think that I personally could rock a sweater in this colourway, but for socks I'm all for it. I love that their technique somehow results in zero pooling. The colour distribution seems so random yet even. I also really love this base for socks. The HF Twist Sock yarn is a BFL/Nylon mix that makes for really hardwearing socks. Though slightly less soft and more wooly feeling than a merino sock yarn, the wearability can't be beat.