Lifesavers Kits tomorrow!

Popping in very quickly to let you know that I will be listing a whole bunch of Lifesavers Sweater sets tomorrow (Wednesday, April 1st) at around 10am. I know that it's taken me forever to get these listed, way longer than I had planned, sorry about that! I intend to continue to list kits as I have them available. It may be weeks before I'm able to make more (it's both a time issue/energy issue - mini skein sets are incredibly time consuming - and an inventory issue - I have to have lots of yarn in stock and ready to ship in order to fill all the orders once I make the kits available) and I'm pretty sure that time, energy and inventory are not going to become abundant when the baby comes, so I am working hard to get as much done as I can before then!

See you tomorrow!