Welcome April

psst :: don't forget that I'll have Lifesavers Sweater sets available at 10am today!

April's calendar image is one of my favourites. The shot with the tulips is an older one, but tulips are among my favourite flowers (probably because they are my mom's favourite too) and nothing says "April" more than tulips. And pompoms! Need I say more? I was aiming for a fun, colourful, springtime vibe for this month's calendar page. 

April is my birthday month, but more importantly it's Rowan's birthday month! Can you believe it's been 2 years since our little guy looked like this?

I, for one, cannot believe it. Thank goodness we'll have another little bean to snuggle with soon enough because this one is growing way to fast. He has a bike for goodness sakes! He's basically a full grown boy and I can't deal.