Mood board Monday - Lucky Penny

1. Purple Label  Lucky Penny  2.  rocky cliffs  3.  chipping paint  4.  tiles  5. Rowan! In his  R&R Hoodie  6.  waves  

1. Purple Label Lucky Penny 2. rocky cliffs 3. chipping paint 4. tiles 5. Rowan! In his R&R Hoodie 6. waves 

Lucky Penny is obviously a personal favourite of mine. It's so many things all at once! Blue, turquoise, green, gold… so much of my favourite colours all rolled into one perfect skein. I've knit several projects in Lucky Penny, a sweater for myself, a hat for a cousin, some fingerless mitts, socks for Chris, a sassy little vest for Rowan and of course a hoodie for Rowan. I haven't done any research to confirm what I'm about to say, but I think that make Lucky Penny might be the colour I've knit with the most of all our colourways. 

It just feels like the right colour for everything. You can never have too many Lucky Penny knits. ;) Wouldn't you agree?