TFA Tuesday - Hoffco's Twisted Argyle Scarf Pillow

When I first saw this knit, I thought for sure that there had been a mistake... This super cool argyle swatch was being knit with my yarn!? No way. How come it never acted like that when I knit with my Prism colourway. Maybe because I've never knit a scarf with it, if I just knit back and forth to make a scarf will it turn out like this!? Am I a genius dyer who has accidentally come up with something amazing! Um, no. Turns out Hoffco (blog) has done all the work and can take all the credit for this one. It involves some swatching, some math (all explained here on his ravelry project page) and is called "planned pooling". 

Planned pooling is totally new to me. I had never heard of it before I saw this pillow, and I think that it is such a wonderful way to deal with the very often frustrating experience of working with multicoloured yarns that pool. Sometimes they pool beautifully, sometimes they pool really unfortunately, but with some planning, you can be the boss of your yarn, and not the other way around. 

Very inspirational indeed! I'll have to try this some day.