perfect lazy weekend

I haven't had a weekend all to myself in a long time. Most weekends I spend dividing up my time between TFA work and house work. Both are pass times that I love and get a lot of satisfaction out of, but every once in a while it's really nice to have a weekend with no to-do lists and lots of me time! And of course, for me, that translates into lots of time playing around with fibery goodness! 

After months away from my wheel, I dug it out, along with some roving, and started spinning. 

Isn't it amazing how these two bobbins, so different from one another, came from the same braid of roving? Spinning certainly hasn't lost any of it's magic in my eyes.

As I patiently wait for this big skein of handspun to dry I've cast on for that sweater I've been dreaming about for a while now.

 I'm not sure yet what this handspun will become. It's roughly 200g, 275 yards. Kind of a chunky gauge, maybe a sweater for Stella?