cabled hat with earflaps

Chris wanted to knit himself a new hat with earflaps. We discussed what he wanted, Chris is very particular. Sometimes I really don't understand how he can set his mind so firmly on a specific concept, but my soul, when he decides he wants to make something, there is just no stopping him. He told me what he wanted, how he wanted it to fit, what he wanted it to look like, we came up with a plan and off he went. He chose a lovely skein of Green Label Aran weight yarn in Stormy and after a couple nights of knitting he had this:

Stormy cabled earflap hat

He has now mastered the art of cabling. I helped quite a bit along the way, since we were improvising the pattern I did the decreases myself, just kind of making it up as I went along. I also did the simple crochet edge, Chris may be a talented new knitter, but he's not interested in learning how to crochet yet. All it's missing is a couple braids coming down off of the earflaps and potentially a pom-pom and I'll be all set!

Wait a second, you caught me, I said I'll be all set, but isn't this Chris' hat? Yes, it was Chris' hat, until my making up the decreases resulted in a slightly too small hat for Chris, however, it fits me perfectly! I swear I didn't plan it that way, just got lucky I guess. Chris isn't too devastated. He's already well on his way to finishing another one for himself. This time he's knitting it in Lemongrass.

Lemongrass cabled earflap hat

Like I said, I don't understand his whims sometimes. First he was dead set on a Stormy hat, and now he's chosen one of the brightest colourways in our entire collection? Full of surprises that boy, he certainly keeps me on my toes. 

As for me, when I'm not helping Chris plot new hat ideas I'm typically knitting away on my Sunset and  velvet DK striped cardigan. I've got the body done up to the armpits, I'll definitely finish one sleeve tonight and start the second. So far so good! I still love these two colours together.

Striped Cardigan