Ramdomly On A Monday

• The weather has officially turned glorious here in my neck of the woods. We have spent the majority of the past three days at various parks and I brought my knitting with me everywhere. Rowan took about 50 photos of me knitting at the splash pad on World Wide Knit In Public Day. There must have been a hundred people there but somehow in every picture it looks like I’m just standing alone in a park knitting. I thought it would be cool to get a shot of me standing in front of a crowd of people knitting, but alas, I am forever a knitting loner.

• They are doing MAJOR construction on our street this summer. It started over a month ago. I’m not even completely clear on what’s happening but know that it involves the sewers/water supply. It’s madness and taking an extended summer break is turning out to have been very well timed. We have a porter potty on our front lawn.

• Woke up to no running water this morning. Managed to use the last few drips from the tap to make a pot of coffee. Seemed like the wise choice. Then Willow climbed up on Micah’s chair, ate his eggo and dumped his glass of milk. Ask me how fun it is to clean up spilt milk without access to water! I still stand by our decision to prioritize coffee though.

• Guess what! We got skunked! More specifically, we let Stella out before bed, heard a rustling and a screech and then BAM! Got punched in the nose by the unforgettably pungent smell of a ripe skunking. Our sweet Stella has been skunked before, luckily her short fur makes it pretty easy to deal with. Always exciting!

• I’m knitting a blanket! I wasn’t planning on doing a summer blanket KAL this year but it looks like the draw of the blanket is stronger than I am! I’ll be posting details in my Ravelry group and everywhere else soon.

• I have every intention of making kits for the blanket that I’m working on and it will definitely happen - hopefully even before we close down shop for the summer. Seriously though, the construction and lack of running water is making it impossible for me to guarantee that, but I’ll do my best! If it doesn’t happen in the next week or two it will absolutely happen when we’re back up and running in late August.

• 100% never thought that I would ever knit myself a bra but it looks like I’m going to! I can’t stop thinking about the Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae Martinson and today I’m going to pick my colours. No idea how I’ll wear it, but summer feels like a good time to experiment with my knitting style!

• Update on the water situation! A lovely guy just knocked on our door to let us know that the water is back up and running. One of the trucks had accidentally parked on our temporary water line. Crisis averted. Second pot of coffee should be brewing momentarily - but you won’t believe this - the kettle exploded when Chris plugged it in! What the heck is going on here today!?

• Never a dull moment. Just the way I like it!

xoxo Happy Monday all!