The Best Sun Hat For Toddlers

Rainbow sweater details  here .

Rainbow sweater details here.

Willow has a new sun hat and it’s amazing! Last week I asked Instagram for toddler sun hat patterns to sew and there were two patterns that were recommended on repeat: The Purl Soho Baby Sunbonnet and the Reversible Bucket Hat by Oliver & S. Willow lived in a Sunbonnet last summer and I think it’s a gorgeous pattern for young babies. This summer Willow is running around and playing on her own and she needs coverage on the back of her neck (her hair isn’t long enough to cover the back of her neck). So the bucket hat it is! Here’s the thing, you can totally buy great versions of this style of hat. We were given a really nice one from the brand Puffin Gear that I thought I had lost. I was going to re-purchase it until I saw that they are $50! Could I find a cheaper hat that would do the trick? Probably yes. But that got the wheels turning. So many baby hats are not really my style. Since they are accessories the motto seems to be the crazier the print the better. If I’m going to pony up $50 for a bucket hat I’d better LOVE it! As it turns out I found our Puffin Hat (thank goodness!) but, I still wanted to make a hat now that I had gotten the urge. I rummaged through my fabric stash and picked a few faves and then spent one glorious Sunday afternoon over at my mom’s house making this hat with her.

I made the size small which is perfect for my 15 month old. We added ties because without them there is a 0% chance that it would stay on her head for more than 30 seconds. We added grommets to make the ties work on either side and I happen to love how professional the grommets make it look! You just pull the ties through the grommets so when she’s wearing it with the solid coloured side out you’ve got this little tie detail on either side that I think looks really neat.

Honestly, I don’t think that I could like this hat any more. It’s so good! Mom is already rooting through the stash to pick fabrics to make hats for the other grandkids.