Wave Rider Shawl Pattern

Introducing my newest pattern Wave Rider! The pattern is currently on sale on Ravelry for 25% off. No coupon code needed! Sale goes until 11:59pm on Thursday, May 23rd.

wave rider

For me, creativity is a fluid thing. It ebbs and flows and though it can be hard to stay positive during the low points, I’ve learnt over the years that it’s important to be patient. I lean into the quiet times and prepare myself to ride the waves of creativity as they come. This shawl design came out of one such wave. After a long winter I finally felt my creative juices start to flow and quickly grabbed my favourite palette of colours - colours that always inspire me - and just started knitting. I cast on for this shawl with no plan other than to use a different stitch pattern for each colour. I rode the wave of inspiration from start to finish and am delighted with the results!

Are you a lover of dk weight shawls? Because I definitely am. Of course there will always be room in my wardrobe for fingering weight shawls but after years of knitting I think that I might be at a place where I can admit to myself that dk is my preferred shawl/scarf weight - though I reserve the right to take that back the next time I knit a fingering weight shawl and fall madly in love again!

I used our Turquoise Pop Palette for this little number. It’s the same Palette that I used for my sisters Christmas Camaro and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m not sure that I’ve completely gotten it out of my system (I still want my own Turquoise Pop Camaro!) but Im happy to have used it for another project. Any of our Palettes would make a gorgeous Wave Rider Shawl, I seriously don’t think you can go wrong. I’m in the middle of making up a ton of limited edition Palettes that I will be adding to the shop as soon as I’ve got them ready. Stay tuned!

Wave Rider will always be near and dear to me because it really helped to pull me out of a funk. Knitting is powerful!