WIP Wednesday - Quilt Edition


I’m making a quilt! I’ve made a handful of quilts in my day and though I’m no expert and I usually pick fairly simple motifs I absolutely love the process. I love picking colours and building a palette! I get the exact same colour high from quilting as I do from planning a knit. The thing about making a blanket vs knitting a garment is that nobody is wearing this blanket out of the house, so I don’t have to worry about wether or not it’s something that I would actually wear (though in this case I would totally wear this blanket). I also love that I get to use so many different fabrics!!! I haven’t counted but I think I have just over 50 fabrics lined up for this bad boy. And would you believe that about 90% of them are from stash? My stash and my mothers much more impressive fabric stash came together to create this grey and turquoise pop palette of my dreams! I’ve cut out 110 10” squares and I plan on using them to make Noodlehead’s Ten-Square Quilt, image shown below.

My goal for this palette was to be 50% colour and 50% shades of grey. I started with solids and added in very low volume prints. Most of my colour is turquoise, with a pop of chartreuse and then an even tinier pop of coral! I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous, but I will admit that I always LOVE colours laid out like I have them in a perfect gradient, but in the finished quilt they will be much more random, will I like the affect as much then? Who knows! I hope I do! I love the look of the sample and I think that my palette is unintentionally very similar in terms of range of colour. Fingers crossed!

Happy first day of Spring!!!