Hello Old Friend - Blank Canvas Baby Sweater

Blank Canvas

PatternBlank Canvas - originally published in March of 2012 (FREE!) 

Yarn: Fingering Weight yarn.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

This sweet little sweater pattern will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s one of the first sweaters that each of my kids wore. In fact, I think that both Rowan and Willow came home from the hospital in a Blank Canvas Baby sweater! The last photo in this post of Willow in her Watercolour Blank Canvas and matching hat was taken the day we came home. Pause while I go get a tissue!

The pattern is very simple and super adaptable to customization. I’ve knit it with stripes, with a gradient look using leftover scraps (definitely my favourite) and with colourwork motifs borrowed from my Four Seasons Hat pattern. If you’re going to have a tiny human entering your life I’d highly recommend knitting them a tiny sweater. :)