Plattsburgh Pullover - a happy ending

mom and willow

Pattern: Plattsburg Pullover by Whitney Hayward.

Yarn: Elsa Wool Company Worsted-Spun Worsted Weight Cormo.

Ravelry Project page here.

Mom came over for a visit this afternoon, and thank goodness she did otherwise this blog post would have gone very differently. I'm excited to have an FO to share with you today, my Plattsburgh Pullover! I have been smitten with this design every since I first laid eyes on it some time last year. It's simple, it's graphic, it's modern yet classic. Something about it just really grabbed me. I talked about my thought process back in January in this blog post. Basically I couldn't decide what yarn/colour to knit it in and in the end chose this super classic natural Cormo. The yarn is unique and special and I swatched and got gauge and jumped in confident that I was knitting the perfect sweater for me. Turns out I did knit the perfect sweater, it's just not for me after all...

The sweater ended up too big for me. And not in a "cozy boyfriend sweater" kinda way, more in a "this girl doesn't know how to knit a sweater" kinda way. It was mainly just way too big in the shoulders and the nature of the fabric created by the cormo yarn meant that there is really very little drape. It's not stiff exactly, it's a beautiful, light weight, breathable fabric, it's just not fluid and drapey. So I looked like a total dummy in it. I was bummed. I wracked my brain trying to come up with someone who the sweater would be appropriate for and then who walks in the door but dear ol' mum. "Here, try this on" I say. Assuming that it wouldn't fit because that would be too much good luck. Lo and behold... it's perfect! She looks fantastic in it. It's as if I were making it for her all along. I am beyond thrilled that it all worked out that way. I wasn't planning on ripping and re-knitting but certainly wanted to make sure that whoever ended up with this sweater would love it and I could not have landed upon a more deserving recipient. 

I'm not exactly certain where I went wrong in the size department. How exactly did I swatch, measure, calculate and still end up knitting a sweater that is a few sizes too big for me? The truth? I blame pregnancy brain followed by newborn fog. I seriously have no idea what happened and I haven't had the energy to remeasure or figure out where things went awry. I thoroughly enjoyed the pattern and the knit. It was my first time knitting set in sleeves in this method, where stitches are picked up and then the caps are worked in short rows, and it was kinda magical. 

2 sweaters

Before mom arrived this morning I took this photo of the 2 tops I've been working on. The blog post that would have accompanied this photo basically would have said that the sweater on the left is too big and the sweater on the right is probably going to end up being too small (I'm still unsure...) but thank goodness mom showed up before I wrote that post! This sweater was meant for her. Sometimes things work out the way they're supposed to!


And here is a picture of my mom wearing a sweater that I knit for her (ok, not really for her, but from now on that's my story going forward) and Willow wearing a sweater that mom knit for Rowan. It's a baby Sunnyside in Garnet - love it.