Limited Edition Colours Section In The Shop!

Willow and me

I suspect this might be the longest I've gone without blogging since I started blogging in earnest about 10 years ago. Willow and I are having a grand old time and are thoroughly enjoying each other's company 24 hours a day. We are a dynamic duo and sometimes she doesn't feel like blogging and I have to respect that. She'll come around to it soon. ;)

In the meantime I'm finding quick posts on Instagram easier to manage during this season of life - sidebar, I love the expression 'season of life', it so accurately expresses the temporary nature of early motherhood. It can feel all consuming in the moment but, like everything, seasons change. They aren't babies for long! When I have something really important to post I'll pop in to the blog, but for everyday stuff be sure to check in with me over on Instagram for updates!

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So, today is one of those days when I have something kind of important to share, and that is that I've re-jigged our Colours Page to include a new section right at the bottom of the page where I intend to feature LIMITED EDITION COLOURWAYS - Available while quantities last in select bases. It's sort of like a less frantic approach to a small Etsy Update. These days I have been posting a lot about Rocket and Smitten, and I'm always obsessed with Crystal. I've been grappling with the hypocrisy/frustration of how it must be for you all when I'm constantly posting projects featuring yarns and colourways that aren't available, so hopefully this new approach will help to solve that dilemma. I don't want to add the speckled colourways to our permanent collection for a multitude of reasons, and for a whole other set of reasons I don't want to lean too heavily on Etsy Updates, so hopefully this is a good middle ground. I'll switch up the limited edition colourways as the mood strikes me, and we may not always have limited editions available but we intend to do our best. We will still do big Dyed-To-Order Updates and Etsy Updates with lots of colours available, but my hope is that this new approach fills the gap in between updates. 

I'm also prioritizing our Kits Page more than ever. Joji Locatelli has a new pattern coming out soon that uses a 5 skein fingering weight fade, so we're working on stocking up our Fade Sets for you and will be adding a few new colourways too! Speaking of which, the Fingering Weight White Light Skein Sets would be awesome for Joji's new pattern as well! Just saying'.

Crystal, Smitten, Orchid, Dove, Charcoal.

Crystal, Smitten, Orchid, Dove, Charcoal.

So that's the news, lots more Fades coming and a fun new dynamic section at the bottom of our Colours page. Happy Tuesday!