September 1st

Happy September everyone! Such a big day for us in the TFA household. Micah has officially started daycare. The drop off went really well this morning and I'm confident he's having a great time. I'll be picking him up right after lunch because I don't think that I could go a full day without him just yet, but by next week we'll both be ready.

Anyways, in my mind I'm working on a big post about transitions. But it's a lot for my little brain to organize and I'm just not quite there yet. So instead today I'll leave you with this beautiful image from our 2016 TFA calendar! This is Kaleidoscope, our January 2015 Club colourway. It's such a showstopper! I designed the Wex shawl in this colourway and love the way it knit up. 

Ah September, so many feelings!