Micah's cuddle blanket

Micah will start daycare next week and I'm not ready! He, on the other hand, is totally ready. He's been going with Chris to drop off/pick up Rowan for some time now and he loves it. When Rowan started daycare I remember being excited for him. We had reached a point where I could tell that he would really benefit from more structure, playtime with other kids, more stimulation in general. But Micah is such a content little kid, and he's got a big brother to play with and be stimulated by, so I don't have that same sense of urgency to get him started as I did with Rowan.

Confession: he was actually supposed to start daycare this week and I pushed it back! Like I said, I'm having a hard time letting go of my baby. I worked on a little project this week that has helped me feel ready to let him spread his wings. Our daycare requires us to supply a cuddle blanket for nap time. Chris laughed out loud at me when I said that we didn't have one, we who have 1 million knit baby blankets! But I can't send him with a hand knit blanket. I've learnt from Rowan that these blankets go through a lot and are washed much more often then a hand knit blanket should be. So I set out to sew him a cuddle blanket.

I've had these squares of my favourite blue fabrics for ages and decided that this was finally the perfect project to use them in. I sewed them together, backed them with a super soft minky fabric and voila! I introduced him to it with a quick game peek-a-boo and it was love at first sight. Micah is smitten! Knowing that Micah will have this blanket that his mama made just for him when he's away from me at daycare goes a long way towards comforting me. Wait... isn't this blanket supposed to be to comfort him? That's the thing about being a maker, right? You get as much as you give when you put your heart into a project for a loved one.