New colourways available in the shop!

I'm very excited to announce that A) today is my birthday, and B) we've added six new colourways to the shop! They are all on our "Shop Colours" page and are available in all of our permanent collection bases. You've likely seen each of these colourways before. They are fan favourites (as well as some of my personal favourites) that I am very excited to be able to offer full time. I love each of them for different reasons, Graphite and Slate are two of the most perfect greys and go with everything! Saffron is the bright, cheerful yellow that is bolder than Gold and more mature than Buttercup. Orchid is a shade of pink that I can really see myself wearing, while definitely feminine, is not too sugary sweet. Chartreuse is a warm, golden green that seems to go with everything! It's the first of the new colourways that I've designed a new pattern in, stay tuned for that! And then, of course, Ravine. I would knit everything in Ravine, it's such a classic, sophisticated teal-blue colourway and I just love it. I also think that it happens to look amazing with Chartreuse, Saffron and Orchid. It's almost a neutral!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be exploring each of these colourways in more detail with their own mood boards. But for today I'll leave you with this lovely assortment of skeins in a basket. :) Happy Monday!