Garland Pullover - again

Pattern: Garland Sweater by Anna and Heidi Pickles.

Yarn: My own handspun made from Pigeonroof Studio's superwash merino Roving in 'Ricochet' and by Annie Claire Full Belly Feel Good organic wool yarn in 'Cabbage'.  

Ravelry project page here

Previously blogged, but with no modelled shots, here

I knit this awesome little sweater for Rowan last fall, and he did get a bit of wear out of it, but it was really too big for him then. I blogged about it, but didn't include any modelled shots at the time since he was kinda swimming in it... Last weekend, spring decided to finally make it's official appearance in our neck of the woods and we were able to venture outdoors without our winter coats on. It was the perfect kind of crisp spring weather that calls for chunky woolen knits, and thankfully, Rowan's garland sweater was ready and waiting for him. He's become a little bit picky with his clothing lately, so I was thrilled when he decided that this sweater was the best thing he owned, choosing to wear it every chance he got. What a clever boy. ;)

Seeing him in this sweater has reminded me how incredibly beautiful and unique handspun yarn is. For me, it's really all about the colours. The texture is awesome too (my handspun's are typically highly textural since I can't seem to spin a very even yarn) but really, it's the colours. Spinning from a braid of hand dyed roving just can't be beat. 

His luscious blond locks have still yet to be cut. I did give his bangs the teeniest, tiniest of trims since he had a few lengths of hair that were officially hanging in his eyes. I trimmed maybe 0.5 cm off of a few small sections, so I'm not counting it as a real haircut yet! He is turning into a real ham and is pretty uncooperative in front of the camera these days. He thinks he's hilarious, and so do I so I guess things could be worse!