Love You Forever - free pattern!


Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree (proof here!) and I got myself worked up into a very festive mood! The holidays really bring out the crafter in me, there is just nothing better than a beautiful tree full of hand made ornaments! In past years I've made paper stars and knitted balls, this year the mood struck to knit some hearts. I couldn't find just the right pattern for the chubby little knit hearts that I had in mind so I made one up! If you'd like to knit some hearts too, you totally can because the pattern is super simple and free! 

Free Download!

Rowan was very interested in the heart photography! I was lining them up on pretty papers for photos and he got right in there and helped. He very deliberately positioned the hearts on the paper for me. The kid has a good eye for this sort of thing, all his shots came out beautifully and much less posed than the ones I set up! 

Can you spot the photographer in her pj's? Super professional over here.  

Can you spot the photographer in her pj's? Super professional over here.  

I set out with the intention of knitting these hearts as Christmas decorations, but there's nothing especially Christmassy about them. In fact, as I was amassing a small pile of pink hearts I realized that it was looking a lot more like Valentines Day than Christmas. Though they do look beautiful on the tree I think I'll keep them around long after the holidays. They're just so cute. Something I didn't realize until I became the parent of a toddler is just how practical knit ornaments are! I've hung mine towards the bottom of the tree, so if/when curious hands snatch them off the branches there is no risk of broken glass or hurt feelings, they are very child friendly. 

Each heart took about 5g of fingering weight yarn. Perfect for using up scraps. I've stuck with mainly solids, but they would be beautifully in multi's too. I plan on knitting myself a rainbow of hearts to take us through the holidays and beyond! Any interest in mini-skein kits so you too can knit yourself a rainbow heart garland? Leave a comment if you're interested because I think that there is just enough time to make that happen before the holidays. ;)