2014 Year In Colour Club wrap up!

Left to right we have Club colourways: Orchid, Fiesta, Mellow, Seagrass, Jean Jacket, Cloudless and Concord. 

This year we set out to do something a little bit different with the Year In Colour Club, we gave ourselves the goal of knitting through each colour of the rainbow. It was a really fun and motivating challenge for us. I love the 7 colourways that we came up with and I am especially thrilled by how beautiful they look lined up together! On their own I love each and every colour (Orchid and Mellow are tied for favourites right now) but together in that gorgeous rainbow I think they really sing, because lets be honest, nothing beats a yarn rainbow!  

Patterns, top row: Cavalcade Socks by Tanis, Causerie Hat and Mitts by Julie, Laramidia Shawl by Julie, Seaboard Tank by Tanis, Wingtip Cowl by Tanis and Tantramar Toque by Tanis. 

And then there are the patterns! I'm really proud of this year's patterns. I think that Julie and I managed to provide a wide range of styles and shapes to suit as many knitter's tastes as possible. Our aim for the patterns is always to make the most of each skein's yardage and to best highlight the month's colourway. We try to provide lots of variety in terms of content (not all socks, not all shawls etc.) and we also try to design patters that we think most people will be able to wear. It takes quite a bit of planning, but seeing them all together in the collage above confirms that it's all worth it!

It's been a wonderful and colourful year and this little walk down memory lane really has me excited for 2015! 

While we're on the topic of the Club, I wanted to mention that I've seriously spruced up the Club page! Go check it out! Down at the bottom of the page I've added slideshows featuring the colours and patterns from all the past year's Clubs as well as links to the patterns on Ravelry. I think it gives a really great picture of what to expect from the Club. I love seeing all the projects together. Hope you like it too!