Hello Old Friend - Fairview


PatternFairview - originally published in October of 2011. 

Yarn: TFA Red Label Cashmere/Silk Single.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

This is probably one of my most worn scarves ever! For my petite frame it’s the perfect size and weight to scrunch up around my neck from fall all the way through to spring. It’s totally my kinda knit. It’s pretty and complicated looking but has no finicky bits. Every wrong side row is a plain purl row. I loath patterning on the wrong side and would really have to love a pattern in order to commit to doing any wrong side lace work - just a weird preference of mine. I have to enjoy the knitting just as much as I enjoy the finished object. Looking back, the only thing that I would have done differently is to offer a second, larger size, however at the time I was focused on showing how far a single skein of our Red Label base could go. And though encouraging the knitter to modify the pattern to include an extra repeat or two is simple enough, it would not have been that much extra work to have included an additional size - something to add to the list!

I have to admit that I’m a little bit shocked at how frequently I wore this golden coloured scarf. Is it because I wear so much blue and grey and a subtle pop of gold is always a nice compliment? I think so. I wonder if I would wear it as much if it were blue… Interesting to think about.