Polygon Blanket Plans + Progress

I'm knitting a Polygon Blanket as my TFA Summer Blanket KAL project and let me tell you, it is addictive! I have a few other projects on the needles but they are all being ignored as the urge to knit "just one more" polygon is stronger than I am. My plan all along was to knit as many polygons as I could from my stash of leftovers and then assemble them in a lovely random rainbow pattern. I wasn't stressed about the exact layout, and now I'm even less stressed since Laura has done all the hard work for me! She is knitting the same project and has put together this beautiful schematic that I intend to borrow when I get to the assembly stage. Thanks Laura! For now I'm going to continue to knit polygons and stack them on my mantel. I'm currently working on the blues and am not ashamed to admit that I have been looking forward to this section of the palette since day one. I'm a blue girl through and through. 

How's your summer blanket project going?