Retro Flax

I’ve unofficially started a spring project where I plan to knit child sized sweaters for all of my friends kids that haven’t received hand knits from me yet. I used to be so good at knitting for others and then became totally preoccupied with knitting for myself and my own kids. I’ve received quite a few hand knit gifts since having Willow and each and every one means so much to me. It’s time to share the joy! To make it fun I’m trying to use mainly stash yarns, partial skeins that I have leftover from other projects or skeins that I can’t sell for whatever reason and have set aside (short yardage, a flaw somewhere in the skein, an off colour). Should be fun!

My first completed sweater is the Flax shown above knit for my friend's now 4 year old daughter. I picked that gorgeous speckle (seen previously in Chris' Crazyheart sweater) and went from there. I am so happy with the palette! I seriously think that I'm going to knit myself a sweater in this very palette at some point. I used Retro, Chartreuse and Smoke (coming soon to our permanent collection!) Since I'm so crazy about the Retro colourway I've added it to the Limited Edition section of our colours page today. Retro has the same kind of vibe as a colourway like Mona Lisa, it's kind of neutral, kind of a warm grey, really hard to describe... the speckles are predominately chartreuse and orange, which actually sounds like my worst nightmare but somehow comes together to be my favourite thing ever. Go figure!

rose fade

I've also re-stocked a bunch of 5 Skein Fades (Lavender & Aqua included!) and added a new one this week, the Rose Fade shown above. 

Happy Tuesday friends! xo