Hello Baby Willow and The Sweetest Wee-est Little Sweater!

Baby Willow

Our sweet baby girl Willow Blue was born in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, February 19th. I am overwhelmed at how quickly she has become a part of our hearts and our family. It's hard to believe we were ever here without her. We've enjoyed the past few days doing absolutely nothing - well, Willow and I are doing nothing, Chris is doing lots to take care of all of us, he's the best.

Baby Vertebrae

Pattern: Baby Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk.

Yarn: TFA PureWash Worsted in Rocket.

Ravelry Project page here.

I had this blog post all ready to go and had planned to post it last Monday - until I went into labour and then suddenly a post about a baby sweater with no photos of the baby didn't make much sense, so I've added in a few shots of Willow wearing this adorable sweater. I had been hoarding a single skein of PureWash Worsted in Rocket for months knowing that I wanted to knit something for the baby with it. The Baby Vertebrae pattern is very popular yet I hadn't knit one for either of my boys because they were born later in the spring and I didn't think I'd get much use out of it. But with a winter baby comes the opportunity to knit loads of teeny tiny winter knits! So my precious skein of Rocket became a very small newborn sized sweater and even though I know it will only fit her for a few weeks I have absolutely no regrets! I have so many knits for her to grow into, having a few special things that she can wear right now is totally worth it to me. 

I am SUPER into skin to skin. You wouldn't know it by these photos of Chris holding Willow against his t-shirt, but I thought I'd spare you all from a photo of Chris' hairy chest or me in my nursing bra and let you use your imagination. There is nothing better than holding a newborn baby against your chest and this sweater is a really nice way to keep her back and arms warm while we snuggle. Sure, you could just drape a blanket over her and achieve the same affect, but give me an excuse to knit a tiny sweater and I will take it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of hand knits Willow Blue! May you be wrapped in love and wool from this day forward.