Holiday Schedule - Maybe


Hello friends, so I probably should have written this post last week and given everyone a warning that the "delivered in time for the holidays" deadline was looming... but now it's officially passed and I thought I should let you know. I don't think that this is shocking news to anyone, we all know how the postal service works, but here is my official blog post about it. :)

Having said that - shipping between Montreal and many major East coast cities is usually only 1-2 days, so if I have an item in stock there is still a very good chance that you could get it in time. Things like the Gift Bundles are ready to ship, all of the notions, enamel pins and pompoms (including just restocked rainbow pompom!) 

knitting - always

We are currently working really hard to have a ton of awesome OOAK colorulways and old favourites ready for our big annual Boxing Day Etsy Update. The update, as always, will be December 26th at 12pm ET. I'll be giving you another heads up/reminder before then, don't worry! 

I'm not entirely sure what the new year will look like for us here at TFA. Here's the thing, I don't intend to shut down the shop officially at any point, but I might just have to for a few weeks at the beginning of the new year while I focus on processing the Boxing Day yarn. I generally consider myself to be a busy bee and am a master multitasker, but right now, that lady staring lovingly at you from inside that photo up there, she's pretty pregnant and has started slowing down quite a bit. I'm experiencing a rather unfortunate pregnancy symptom that is taking it's toll. It's not dangerous, the baby and I are fine, I'm just kind of in a constant state of discomfort and, sometimes, agonizing pain. So... needless to say I'm not exactly my usual sprightly self. If I need a break I'm going to take it. So though I don't have anything specific planned (I'd really rather take my break after the baby is born) I just might have to take a bit of time off and I'll fill you in when we get there.