New Club colourway and pattern - Heira

Pattern: Heira

Yarn: January Year In Colour Club - Crystal on PureWash Chunky.

With the return of the original TFA Year In Colour Club format came the return of a that familiar feeling of getting to look forward to the release of a new accessory pattern every other month! There's no doubt about it, it's just plain fun. The difference this year is that though the patterns are included in the Club membership (Club members get the pattern delivered to their inbox about a week or so after all Club skeins have been mailed) the patterns are not exclusive to Club members. That's the new twist! So if you're interested in knitting Heira but can't bite the bullet on a Club membership that's no problem, you totally still can! The Club colourways are exclusive to Club members though, and this one's a good one! Maybe my favourite ever? This is Crystal. Dyed on our PureWash Chunky base it's a very light grey with a splattering of multicoloured speckles. Heavy on the brightest of pinks and with a touch of neon green... it's magical and I love it. I'm planing a sweater. I will absolutely own a sweater in this colourway. Soon.  

This outdoor shot is my favourite. It really shows off the gorgeous speckles in this colourway. It also shows off those lovely decreases! Don't you just love perfect sets of decreases like that? This hat is graphic and geometric and squishy and fun and really makes the most of a single skein of chunky yarn. 

TFA Year In Colour Club memberships are available all year long. It's not to late to sign up! Join now and you'll receive your January skein along with the next batch of shipments in March.