Micah :: 9 months!

This feels like a real milestone. Micah is 9 months old today, which means that he's been in the outside world for as long as he was in the inside world (by that I mean in my belly.) I wish that I had done some sort of monthly check-in post where I answered a series of questions every month documenting his development and personality. But... I did not. 

Micah looks exactly like I did as a baby. I'll do a side by side comparison one day and it'll blow your mind. He has dark hair and dark eyes and I think that he's very handsome. His temperament is so lovely, he's happy and curious and generally just really easy going and content exploring his environment. Unless he's teething, in which case he's the worst! Actually, that's not true, if he's teething he just wants to be held, and I can't say that I blame him. You're all going to call me a liar now because he was actually teething in the above photos, his cheeks are red, his nose is runny, he was grumpy, but still managed to perk up for the photos. It must be that he was just so pleased with his cardigan. ;) Getting to re-live my favourite baby knits a second time over is awesome. I'm still not over that rainbow Gramps. It just hit me the other day that I need one in my size. It's been really cold here lately and I've been wearing my I Heart Cardigans a lot, there is just nothing better than a shawl collar cardigan to keep you warm and cozy in the winter and I don't have nearly enough!

Micah is a great napper, but still has me up several times a night to nurse. At 9 months I'm quite certain Rowan was sleeping through the night, which must have been awesome! Just goes to show how different each child can be from the next. Though I wake up often it's very brief and I really don't mind because he goes right back to sleep and I'm so in love with this baby that I suspect if I didn't wake to nurse him I'd miss him. Ha! Now that I've typed that out I'm literally laughing out loud at myself. I might wake up and miss him the first night, but I think I'd get over it pretty quickly.  

Though he smiles very easily - he's especially into clapping right now, clapping and Rowan, those are the 2 things that will get a giggle out of him every time! - his relaxed face is quite serious like in the photo above. He always looks kind of concerned, or maybe it's judgemental, like he's looking at me and he's thinking something profound. 

He's lightning fast on all fours. If I've been out of his sight for a while and then I re-enter the room he races over to me as soon as he hears my voice and it just melts my heart! There is nothing sweeter. He pulls himself up on all the furniture and scoots around the room by leaning on things. 

He torments his big brother by reaching for whatever he's playing with. Which, in turn, makes whatever Rowan is playing with the most important thing in the entire world to him at that moment. Rowan is generally very good at sharing, or at least finding another toy that he has zero interest in and placing it in front of Micah in hopes of distracting him. it usually works and we all survive. 

My experience with Micah has been so very different from what the first few months were like with Rowan. I'm sure that there are a million reasons for that, but man is it ever nice to have had a calm and peaceful first nine months to get to know each other. He's a dream come true, an easy baby who loves his mama.

These boys just make my day.