Mood Board Monday - Ombré Love

So, ombré is still a thing right? We're not over it? It's still hip? Good. I'm glad we've got that settled. I know that it's a trend, and trends pass and one day in the future I'll likely look back at all the things that I have "ombré-ed" in my lifetime and call myself crazy, but for now I'm still very much on the ombré bandwagon. Funny - I sourced all of these images (but for my own Ombré cardigan) from Pinterest, but because my love affair with cobalt ombré runs so deep I totally could have made this collage from all of my own photos. I've done ombré nails, I have 2 DIY-ed ombré chairs, I have more than 1 ombré t-shirt… I've always wanted to dye my hair blue. If I take the plunge and get an awesome blue ombré dye job I will make a new ombré mood board featuring all of my own ombré-ed life. 

In case you're counting I've used the word "ombré" 11 times in this blog post (12 if you count the title) and used it as a verb twice.