Thinking ahead to fall

While the rest of the world is celebrating the last few weeks of true summer, the knitting world has a timeline all it's own. As far as I'm concerned it's basically been pre-fall ever since the end of July. There is just something about the switch from July to August that makes me completely shift gears and start thinking about toasty colours and the mother of all knitting seasons: autumn! We've got lots going on for fall this year. Or at least it certainly feels that way. Etsy updates, patterns, maybe a kit (if I can get my act together)! Lots in the works, it's such an exciting time!

Above are a few photos I snapped of a colourway I am seriously crushing on right now: Canyon <--- that link is to a sold out item on Etsy. Canyon is a colourway that has been featured in a few Etsy updates and there are a bunch of projects in various bases on Raverly already. It's quite variegated and therefor can vary quite a bit from one batch to the next. I've had 2 skein of DK stashed away for some time now and they are just begging to be turned into something fantastic. Above I've swatched the eyelet cable portion of my Eventide Shawl pattern, it looks awesome, I love all the colours in this colourway. Maybe an Eventide is what my skeins will become. I've got an idea for a new design floating around too... so maybe this is the perfect colourway to test out a new concept with. Either way, Canyon is a beautiful colourway and I'm happy to say that there will be plenty available to you all very soon as we are planning a dyed-to-order Etsy update (like this one) and Canyon will be included! I'll be filling you in on all those details soon, I promise!