New Colours!

Thank you 1 million times for all the lovely comments and messages about the new site! I'm so glad that you like it. And for anyone who is disappointed about the loss of paypal, send me an email, we can work something out! I still have a paypal account, and the Etsy shop still works with paypal, so all is not lost!

So, on to today's topic: the 4 new colourways I've added to the shop! 

Aurora: So, I guess I really didn't need another blue colourway. Aurora was part of the February dyed to order Etsy update and it was a huge hit. I frequently get emails from people requesting more of it and I am happy to comply! I knit my new Eventide Shawl sample in Aurora and loved every stitch!

Tartan: Similarly to Aurora, Tartan has been featured in the One Of A Kinda Etsy shop several times. It's a very dynamic colourway that doesn't really fall into a specific category. I'm really gravitating towards colourways like this these days. Colours like Iris, Lucky Penny, Aurora, Tartan - they are so fun to knit with. Every stitch a different colour. I knit my Glitz At TFA shawl in Cosmic Blue Label Tartan. 

Papaya: A bright, saturate coral. I love this colour. It's the July 2013 colourway from the Year In Colour Club. I felt that my collection was missing a bright coral shade so was very happy to add Papaya permanently.

Stone: My newest neutral! I have several cool grey's which consistently remain among my most popular colourways.  Stone was developed as a continuation of my exploration of the Rock colourway that I went on and on about here. It's built upon the same base, less blue, more brown... voila! Stone was born. 

Because it can be hard to see how colourways fit into the bigger scheme of things without context, I've taken a bunch of photos of some of my new colourways in rainbow formation (as always). Below you'll see how warm Stone falls just above Sand and below Chestnut in my neutral gradient.

I've also taken the liberty of photographing Stone in combination with a few other TFA colourways to show how well this neutral pairs with lots of other shades. Clockwise from tops left: Gold, Stone, Brick - Gold, Stone, Lucky Penny - Poppy, Stone, Midnight - Atlantic, Stone, Chestnut.

Sweetheart, Pink Grapefruit, Papaya, Sunset, Orange Blossom, Gold, Buttercup.

Next up is Papaya. Above Papaya is sandwiched in between Pink Grapefruit and Sunset. And below I've highlighted how lovely bright and cheery this shade is paired with a few other vivid colourways. 

I love how coral looks with turquoise (I love how everything looks with turquoise!) if I were to knit a 3 colour shawl today, I just might opt for Sand, Papaya, Peacock. 

Hope this helps to inspire you to give one of my new colourways a try. Whenever I add a new shade to my collection I always wonder how I ever lived without it. These colourways are no exception!