I've picked my projects for the November KAL. All the KAL details can be found in this blog post and in the TFA Ravelry group. I'll be knitting 3 hats and 1 shawl. All are modified TFA patterns and all are gifts. Yes! All are also to be worked up in aran or dk weight yarn and even better, mostly stash yarn. This is such a win-win. I can't wait to use up some stash and cross 4 gifts off of my Christmas shopping list. The project I'm most excited about it the shawl, I'll be knitting my Adhara Shawl pattern using worsted weight yarn, I haven't decided wether I will make it with one colour or two. I love seeing lace done up in different gauges, should be a really neat experiment.

In the meantime I've got a few projects that I'd love to wrap up before then. Not helping my cause is the fact that I've been hit with a giant wave of creative inspiration lately. I want to start lots of knew projects and not all are knitting... 


Weaving and spinning have taken a back seat to knitting and designing recently (ok, not just recently, always!) I'm ok with that. Knitting is my number one favourite thing so of course I'll spend more time on it. But I've taken out a few lovely braids of roving and have been glancing over at them sitting on my desk for the past week or two and only this morning did I notice that the one on the right has got some sparkle in it, which is so neat. I'll have to see what that sparkle looks up all spun up sooner than later. I had sort of forgotten about weaving until I saw this stunning woven baby blanket this morning. I've loved this artists beautifully subtle weaving for a while now am inspired to dig out my loom. Maybe some woven scarves for Christmas!

woven scarf inspiration via TanisLavallee on Pinterest

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