We wish we had a farm

Around my cottage in Nova Scotia, farms are abundant. The properties often have several old, weathered barns and a beautiful old farm house. They are perched on top of rolling hills overlooking the ocean, with big green fields with cows or sheep grazing. Right across the street from my cousin's cottage was a pasture that they were calling the cow "maternity ward". It is where the farmer was grazing all of his pregnant or recently birthed cattle. It was adorable! A lovely pasture with tons of the cutest baby cows you've ever seen running around, following their mothers. Chris and I stopped to just look at them several times, baby cows are so sweet. 

And there are sheep too! We made our annual pilgrimage to the Lismore Sheep Farm again this year. There were baby sheep, and even baby Highland Cattle there this year. I had a chance to chat with the very friendly owner of the farm and to see his workshop where he makes the most beautiful wooden needles, the River John Needle Company. Chris and I each bought a sweaters worth of yarn. Last years haul became this and this. Chris has already started turning his beautiful light grey yarn into another Brownstone sweater, this time with a few mods to turn it into a cardigan. You can see in the corner of the shot below a darker blue/grey ball of yarn, that's the colourway I picked up. It's a stunning, blue/green/grey yarn, it reminds me a bit of Stormy in the way it can look different depending on the light. 

Lismore Sheep Farm wool

My mom grew up on a beautiful farm in Nova Scotia, and it sounds like the perfect place to live. Of course, from what I hear, farming is one of the hardest jobs in the world... so for now I think I'll settle for just visiting farms and admiring the pastures from the road. After all, I love my job. Chris and I easily made the transition back into our regular TFA routine. The racks have been full all week, and with all the orders coming in for fall there is no sign of them emptying any time soon!

business as usual