Vancouver is beautiful!

Hello all! I'm still in Vancouver, about half way through my week long trip out West to visit my brother Vince. He's out at a triathlon meeting tonight so I thought I would take the opportunity to pop in and say a quick little hello. Unfortunately this will be a photo-less post, I know, I'm sorry, I hate no-photo posts too. I have taken some pictures but it has been really rainy out here and the shots I've taken just don't do this gorgeous part of the world justice. 

Vancouver is breathtakingly beautiful! Vince used to talk about how gorgeous it was and I would roll my eyes and get defensive and tell him that our good old East Coast was beautiful too, but now that I've seen it with my own eyes I can honestly admit that it's just not the same. The mountains, the water, everything here is just so incredibly massive and overwhelming that it's hard not to get a little short of breath when admiring the scenery. 

Vancouver is great, I'm having a wonderful time with my brother, I miss him when he's thousands of kilometres away. 

I've knit a sock and I plan on making a good dent in the second one before I get home. I also brought yarn to cast on for a scarf for my mother in law. Life is good.