Apartment, staged.

Remember a while back when I said that my apartment was being taken over by Tanis Fiber Arts yarn? Well, we've decided to do something about it, we're moving to a bigger space, with more room to spread out the fiber stuff, and some actual doors that we can pull shut to block out the mess! So, I had to make myself familiar with Craigslist again and get my current apartment rented. This is what my apartment looks like tidy.

Keep in mind all the boxes of yarn, drying racks and other fiber paraphernalia is still in the apartment, just crammed into corners and out of the frame of the picture! I'm looking forward to this move, but I think I'll miss this place. Chris and I really worked hard to make it a home for us. The new place will surely be great, but it doesn't have the charming floors that we've grown to love, but it does have closets! And a really big bathroom! It'll be fun to spend some time and make our new place a real home too.