Mood Board Monday - never enough blue!
Mood Board Monday - never enough blue! like to go back to ol' reliable. I could make a million blue mood boards and never get tired of it ! I'm thankful for blue mood boards. ;) Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends! title basically sums it up for me. When I'm stumped for what colourway to feature in a mood board I
Mood Board Monday - Rainbows!
Mood Board Monday - Rainbows! , make a rainbow mood board!!! It never gets old. Have a great week everyone!
Mood Board Monday - a softer take on my Signature Palette
mind or my heart. It's my forever favourite and I'll never tire of making mood boards inspired by this palette. Happy Monday! Mood Board Monday - a softer take on my Signature Palette
Mood Board Monday - Spearmint
was hard, but I'm so happy with the soothing palette this mood board represents. stinking' cute! Spearmint is a colourway that I found challenging to make a mood board for because Mood Board Monday - Spearmint
Mood Board Monday - never too many rainbows
handspun, my yarn leftovers!, thread, quilt, cups, chevron blanket. When I'm stumped for a mood board colourway I always end up thinking to myself: "I know! I'll just do all the colourways!" Because I never tire of a good rainbow mood board and there is so much gorgeous rainbow inspiration out there that I could make one every week and never use the same image twice. Happy Monday! Mood Board Monday - never too many rainbows
Mood Board Monday - Seabreeze vs. 2
Mood Board Monday - Seabreeze vs. 2 TFA Yellow Label in Seabreeze, eggs, boots, paint chips, teacup, birds, ribbons, glass beads, rainbow. If I'm not mistaken, Seabreeze was the very first colourway I featured in a Mood Board Monday post! It was, and still is, one of my very favourite colours. I might even go as far as to call it my signature colour. I thought that it was about time I revisit this perennial favourite of mine with a fresh mood board.
Mood Board Monday - French Braids
kingston hat, frost french cancan, cabled braided necklace, french braid cardigan, chunky cowl hood, Fishtail Braided Headband. This week's mood board came about when I realized that everything I'm into these days seems to include a french braid style cable and also happens to be in this beautiful grey/white/frost platte. It was just begging to be pulled together in a mood board! And he, beautiful cables in a soothing palette is a great way to start off the week. Happy Monday! Mood Board Monday - French Braids
Mood Board Monday - Crystal
Mood Board Monday - Crystal Club colourway and since these mood boards have become kind of a signature part of the TFA experience and I made a mood board for the entire year, mapping out the Club colourways for Chris and I to I thought it seemed appropriate to make a mood board for it! Actually, I took it one step further
Mood Board Monday - Gold
. Sometimes I deliberate for ages before landing on what theme or colourway to focus on for a mood board. Other ! Interesting side note - I've done two past mood boards featuring Gold, Gold & Turquoise and Gold & Grey... but until today, never just Gold. Hmmm. Mood Board Monday - Gold I listen and do as the universe bids me and make a stunning, shiny, bright and decadent Gold mood board to kick off your Monday morning with a reminder to treat yo-self! Don't you just want to cradle
Mood Board Monday - Teal
and teal mood board (still one of my favourites!) I love our Teal colourway. It's saturated and tough mood board to nail down for me. It's those hits of purple. Finding images that capture the teal Mood Board Monday - Teal
Mood Board Monday - Driftwood
Mood Board Monday - Driftwood to me. I have had most of the images used in today's mood board saved on my desktop for ages, years /grey/beige in all the right ways. This mood board is everything to me! Driftwood inspired the July Fluidity wrap design, which I'm equally proud of.
Mood Board Monday - Woodstock
pretty though right!? feathers, leaves, pennies, cake, fabric. Today's mood board was inspired by that Mood Board Monday - Woodstock
Mood Board Monday - Lilac
Mood Board Monday - Lilac reflection, Lilia's French Cancan. This mood board would have been more appropriate 2 weeks ago when
Mood Board Monday - Pastels 2.0
second pastel mood board of the season. I just can't seem to stop pinning these gorgeous images of soft Mood Board Monday - Pastels 2.0
Mood Board Monday - Mint Plus
week's mood board was inspired by Laura's gorgeous Camaro! I happen to know for a fact that Laura is Mood Board Monday - Mint Plus
Mood Board Monday - Raindrops
had put together this week's mood board but... it kinda reminds me of the Gift Bundle colourway which Mood Board Monday - Raindrops of shells and water droplets because there are two of each of those things in the above mood board. These
Mood Board Monday - For the fearless blanket knitter!
Mood Board Monday - For the fearless blanket knitter! Paws (modified for blanket). Today's mood board is for the adventurous blanket knitter! The type of
Mood Board Monday - Caramel
Mood Board Monday - Caramel there you have it. A Caramel mood board is suddenly totally appropriate for July right?
Mood Board Monday - Tartan
this mood board that I realized just what a gorgeous autumnal rainbow Tartan really is. It's a fan Mood Board Monday - Tartan
June 1st - one day late
June 1st fell on a Monday and I'm too attached to my mood boards to bump one, so this month's
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