Summer Schedule

The webshop will be closed and not accepting orders between June 19th and August 19th. Two full month off! All orders placed before we close up shop will be processed and shipped asap. 


Is it really June already? Impossible. My kindergartener has the day off of school tomorrow and that means that he officially only has 10 school days left before he graduates from kindergarten and has the entire summer off! We are making the most of our summer this year. We’ve never done it before and we may never do it again but this year we are taking the better part of the summer off from dyeing. I hope to be working on designs and I will definitely be knitting up a storm but we’ll be taking a break from the dye pots. The blog and newsletter will likely also be a bit slower (although let’s be real, the blog has been slow for a while.)

You will never hear me complain or vent about the challenges of getting to run my business from home with 3 small children - it’s a total privilege to have this lifestyle and I thank my lucky stars every day that we get to do what we do, but this year has been crazy! I’m used to working with babies at home but I’ll be the first to admit that 3 kids is not then same as 2 kids and that extra busy body made a big difference to my sense of what I accomplished professionally this year. My sweet little girl starts daycare in the fall and I feel like it will be the beginning of a new phase in our lives. Chris and I will have the majority of the work week to buckle down and work hard without interruptions (the interruptions part is really the kicker in my experience). I have so many big plans for the fall! We’ll be attending our first major show since before we started our family (Knit City!) and I hope to get back on track with the blog and regular Pop Up Shop Updates. Life will be different.

I’m hoping to fit in one more Pop Up Shop Update before we shut down and I’ll be sure to post about it here when I’ve got the details available.

Who else is ready for a summer of recharging!?