So Many Rainbow Palettes!!!

Today’s Pop Up Shop Update will be a little earlier than usual. I’ll be adding items at 2pm.

The update will include a whole bunch of PureWash DK weight yarn and 12 limited edition TFA Palettes!


These Palettes are in honour of the release of my Wave Rider Shawl pattern. Any of these would make a gorgeous shawl but obviously they are also great for baby blankets, sweaters or whatever other colourful knit you can dream up! Putting these together is very high on the list of my favourite things about my job. Seeing how all of our colours play together, solids and speckles alike, makes my heart sing. Though I like to think that each of our colourways can stand alone, they really shine in perfect little groups of 8 like this. Love love love.

Below is most of the colourways of dk weight yarn we’ll have available (there are a few that didn’t fit into my lovely collage).

That very bottom shot is of our newest colourway Magique and it’s a stunner! It’s almost more than this rainbow loving heart of mine can handle! It’s rainbows layered on top of rainbows and I am HERE for it!

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