Hello Old Friend - Adhara Shawl

Adhara Shawl

PatternAdhara Shawl - originally published in June of 2012

Yarn: Worsted Weight yarn.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

The Adhara Shawl pattern was my first fancy lace design and one that I’m really proud of because of it’s complexity. It’s actually not particularly complicated or difficult to knit, but it was stretch for me design was and that’s always a big deal. It features 2 colourways of fingering weight yarn, the body is worked in stripes in an interesting openwork motif and it’s finished off with a light and airy leafy border.

This design was part of a small collection of four fingering weight neck accessories that Julie Crawford and I collaborated on - the Stella Collection - and that is my favourite thing about this pattern! I don’t collaborate with other designers - or see other knitters - nearly enough. Any time I do I feel a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for my craft and it’s something that I’d like to do much more of in the future!

If I’m being perfectly honest, this is not my most worn or even my favourite shawl ever… BUT! I LOVE these photos of my sister modelling it! I had a limited window of time to get the photos, my sister was available and even though it was the middle of the day and so sunny (a hard time for photos!) we pulled it off. It was windy and her hair and the shawl were blowing in the breeze and love the effect. I even love the shadows created by the airy lace and bright sun. These photos make me wonder why I don’t wear this shawl more!