Hello Old Friend - French Braid Cardigan

French Braid Cardigan

PatternFrench Braid Cardigan - originally published in April of 2012

Yarn: Worsted Weight yarn.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

My French Braid Cardigan pattern is very special to me for several reasons. The first is that I remember designing it so clearly. I am typically incredibly slow at publishing designs - from conception to execution to actually hitting publish could take years! But for this bad boy I broke with my usual ways and followed through on the idea from start to finish. It’s motivating proof that it is possible for me to stay on task! I’m also proud of this design because it’s the first garment that I designed with what I think of as a pretty clever construction. I do not consider myself to be a particularly clever or innovative designer. I am no engineer and solving construction and math problems is not my idea of fun. So the fact that I was able to make a new to me construction work is a big deal for me!

I also remember trying really hard to get creative when styling this sweater for photos. Maybe this design is important to me because it’s when I first starting thinking of myself as an actual designer. I started taking myself more seriously. We actually drove to a location to do the photos and I put together an outfit that was not just jeans and a sweater.

And lastly - my French Braid Cardigan has consistently been one of my most worn garments during all three of my pregnancies. I even wore it for a mini maternity photo shoot just days before Rowan was born, and that is priceless.


I look so young! So pregnant! And so cozy in my French Braid Cardigan.