A New TFA Shop and a Coupon Code!

Before I go any further, here’s a coupon code for 15% off everything on our site:


*Valid until 11:59pm ET Sunday, March 17th. Free shipping on CAD/US orders over $200 still applies. If you have any trouble applying two coupons (you shouldn’t) I’ll issue a refund for any overages in S&H charged.

I am super excited to announce that our little website re-organization is officially live! You may not even notice it at first, the changes aren’t dramatic, I just did a whole bunch of little things that will hopefully make the site easier to navigate for everyone wether you are here to browse, to buy or just to get some colourful inspiration. I spoke more about my intentions for this update in this blog post last month.

So, shall we talk about what I’ve been working on!? Are you ready for more detail than you’d ever need to know about building a website? Part of me thinks I’m about to overshare but a bigger part of me knows that everyone loves a little sneak peek behind the scenes at all this backend stuff, right?

You may notice that I’ve embraced the drop down menu! Adding a drop down menu is a new trick for me. I’m kinda proud of myself for figuring that out (full disclosure: I really shouldn’t be that proud as it was very simple). I’ve consolidated all our info pages into the ABOUT drop down menu and all of our shop-able pages into the SHOP menu. Pretty straight forward right?

In the SHOP section the main thing you’ll notice is that you now shop by yarn type rather than by colour. In the coming weeks I will be adding the POP UP SHOP page (working on building up some inventory) but for the initial launch I’ve got our entire CORE COLLECTION.

core collection yarns

How lovely is the CORE COLLECTION landing page!? So when you select CORE COLLECTION you’ll come to a page that looks like that screenshot above and says this:

Our CORE COLLECTION colourways are available in all of our custom-spun, eco-friendly and organic PureWash yarns as well as our sturdy Blue Label Sock yarn. The Core Collection is always available to order in whatever quantities you need and is dyed-to-order.

Which I hope makes things pretty clear. Let’s say you’re interested in picking up some Chunky yarn, you click on PureWash Chunky and voila!

purewash chunky

I’m nuts about what these yarn pages look like! The other very cool thing that I learnt while doing this update is how to add code to make the colourway name sync with the colourway image. See in the screenshot above how the colourway selected from the drop down menu is Lotus and tada! the image for Lotus is the one you see! It works both ways, either by selecting the image and having the name displayed in the drop down menu or by selecting the name in the drop down menu and having the image pop up in the image window. This had to happen in order for this new system to work and I am thrilled that it went so smoothly! Did you know I’m basically a hacker now?

Hmm… So what else is new? Well, I also re-organized the Kits & Gifts section but dividing it into two subcategories: PROJECT KITS & SKEIN SETS and NOTIONS • GOODIES • GIFTS. I had been feeling like our kits section was pretty all over the place including everything that wasn’t a single skein of yarn. I felt that it limited my ability to add more project kits because the whole section wasn’t particularly organized. This also allowed me to separate our notions into more subcategories as well so everything is easier to find (I’m looking at you Gleener!)

OH! And the last new thing I figured out how to do (remember I’m basically a computer wiz now) is to add a plugin to display the inventory of any item that has less than 10 units left. This feature will come in super handy when I add the POP UP SHOP (I’m pretty committed to only typing that in all caps apparently) since each batch of yarn will be available in limited quantities. To see it in action check out the Mitten Kits page. You can also test out how the images sync up to the colourway name if you’re so inclined. :)

So, I think that’s about it for today! I hope that you all love this new way of visiting our site. I still have a long list of things that I’d like to update and spruce up but I feel like we’ve made good progress in the right direction. If you spot any bugs (please NOOOO!) or have any feedback for me I’m all ears and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Also, enjoy 15% off until Sunday night! Don’t forget the code: YAYTFA