Scrappy Rainbow Socks For My Brother

rainbow socks

Pattern: Toe-Up socks with an afterthought heel.

Yarn: So many TFA scraps I don’t even know where to start!

Ravelry Project page here.

About once a year I try to knit a pair of socks for my older brother Luke. I don’t knit socks for everyone in my family every year, but Luke is a special case because the socks I knit for him literally save lives!!! Sort of… Luke is a doctor, more specifically he’s a Urologic Oncologist and he does this specialized surgery that, from what I understand (which is clearly not much) involves robots that he controls with joysticks. Ha! He’s going to kill me when he reads this because I’m certain I’ve got it all wrong! So, the first time he did this surgery he was wearing hand knit socks (he’s not standing over the patient, he’s sitting at a desk operating the “robots”) and the surgery went really well and since surgeons are notoriously superstitious he will now only wear hand knit socks while doing this type of operation. So I knit him socks to save lives. Luke and I are both basically heroes.

This most recent pair is one of my finest achievements! Using only the tiniest yarn scraps from my fingering weight scraps bin I faded this moody rainbow - moody might be a stretch, but there are lots of darker shades thrown in - and I’m so pleased with the results. To get the faded transitions I simply worked lots of stripes in varying widths whenever I was switching colours. I didn’t have a set number of stripes in mind because my goal was mainly to use up every last bit of my yarn, so there was a lot of eyeballing involved. Sometimes I ran out of yarn earlier than expected, sometimes my stripes ended up taking longer than I thought. With this sort of project you have to be able to embrace a certain amount of randomness. A cavalier attitude goes a long way. At the end of the day rainbow socks are awesome no matter what. :)