Magnolia Chunky

Magnolia Chunky

Pattern: Magnolia Chunky by Camilla Vad. Hat pictured is Alpine Trail by Jill Zielinski.

Yarn: TFA PureWash Chunky in Trinity.

Ravelry Project page here.

Say hello to my new favourite sweater! I had no idea how badly I needed this sweater in my life until I finished it, blocked it and put it on my body. Now I never want to take it off! One glance at my Ravelry project page will tell you that I don’t typically knit chunky sweaters, or dropped yokes (Is that a thing? the yoke is much longer than my actual measurements from neck to armpit) or sweaters with puffed sleeves, or bobbles. Heck! I don’t even knit much lace these days! But the second I laid eyes on this pattern I knew that I wanted to give it a try and boy am I glad that I did!

Part of the reason why it was so easy to convince myself to give this pattern a shot, even though it happens to be such a departure for me, is the fact that at this chunky gauge it required very little time commitment from me as far as sweaters go. I knit the whole thing in under a week. Even if I ended up hating it on me I figured it was worth a week’s worth of knitting to find out. And the good news is I love it! This winter has been so cold. Maybe it’s just my old, frail bones, or my drafty house, but for whatever reason I have found myself chillier than usual and in need of a chunky merino/alpaca sweater. It’s perfectly warm and cozy yet somehow still light and wearable.

Look how pretty those staggered yoke increases are! I love that this design has so many feminine details, even right down to the colour I chose to knit it in, but at this gauge still looks modern and cool instead of just sweet and pretty. This pattern is the chunky version of a design that was originally published for fingering weight, and though both feature the same lovely details I just can’t get enough of this chunky version. It feels more fashion forward, dare I say even editorial at this gauge. I’m into it.

I love the silhouette with the front tucked in (I am never not tucking in my sweaters) but love it less so hanging loose. Untucked it’s just a bit less flattering on me, which is why I don’t have a photo of it untucked. It hits a bit low on my hips making my torso look long and shapeless. But with a front tuck? Perfect.

I’m very pleased that I decided to knit it in Trinity. Other colours I was considering were Mint, Cloak or Gold which I’m convinced would have all worked. Trinity is such a lovely shade of very wearable pale pink. The last pink sweater I knit turned out to be not quite right for me, but this one gets 2 thumbs way up!

PureWash Chunky is an organic merino/alpaca blend and that 20% alpaca content lends this yarn the loveliest drape and the littlest bit of halo which is so coveted these days. It manages to do all that while still providing beautiful crisp stitch definition and is quite possibly the perfect yarn for this style of sweater. I highly recommend this yarn/pattern combo.

So here’s to taking calculated risks with your knitting. To stepping out of your comfort zone and hopefully surprising yourself by finding a new favourite colour, or a new favourite silhouette or maybe just a new favourite way to work yoke increases!

And here’s a tip from me to you: slap on a statement sweater and a bright lip and you will be shocked at how pulled together you look! The lipstick I’m wearing is Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick in Fire and it is amazing.