Custom Orders & Shipping Update

Orange Label in Abyss

Orange Label in Abyss

There are a few bits of business that I wanted to address and today seems like as good a day as any to do it! First up is something kind of exciting involving custom orders. Do you remember when we used to offer every single one of our bases in every single one of our colourways at all times? Well, that’s not logistically possible for us anymore, but what I am able to do is accept custom orders for full batches of non-permanent collection bases! A full batch is a minimum of 4 skeins for fingering weight yarns, 6 skeins of anything heavier than fingering, of a single colour. So if you want a sweater quantity of Orange Label, you got it! Just send me an email. This system allows me be able to stock our non-permanent collection bases, just not in massive amounts. To place a custom order just send me an email!

Next up is the less glamorous subject of shipping. Have you all heard that Canada Post may go on strike by the end of the month? Don’t even get me started. I can’t deal. We’ve tried different approaches in the past for dealing with this sort of thing and our best bet seems to be just waiting it out. If there is a strike all orders will be on hold until service resumes. Great.

While on the topic of annoying things about shipping, I’ve had to update the S&H portion of our Policies to reflect the lack of support provided for international order tracking. You can head on over there to read the fine print, but basically what it says is that if you are a non-North American customer there is very little that I can do to assist in locating a lost package and the risk is yours when placing an order. I very rarely run into any issues with shipping. Considering the volume we dispatch every week and the number of weeks that go by without any issues I think that the postal service is working quite well honestly. The trouble is that every once in a while something doesn’t show up when and/or where it’s supposed to and there is very little that I am able to do on my end to make it right. Domestic shipments are the easiest to work out, US orders almost always get sorted out eventually, but non-North American orders that go amiss basically go up in smoke.

It’s a funny thing to be a teeny-tiny online business that depends on the postal service to get my product from me to you. With the mail, there are good days and there are bad days. A happy yarn mail day… is there anything better!?