Hello Old Friend - Prism Shawl


PatternPrism Shawl - originally published in July of 2010. 

Yarn: TFA handspun and TFA Blue Label.

Ravelry pattern page here and original blog post here.

Lots of pretty pictures in this blog post.

My free Prism Shawl design is a very straight forward triangle shawl with a splash of texture and a simple border. My intention with this design was to maximize the use of a single skein of very special handspun yarn. If you knit this shawl you’ll still have to guesstimate how much yardage will be required for the border, so it’s not exactly fool proof, but since the border is relatively narrow and you can start it at any point that simplifies things a wee bit.

I still enjoy this pattern very much and since I’m such a fan of a triangular shawl worn bandana style it’s only fitting that my first shawl pattern be of that style. In the pattern I don’t give specific row counts for when to work an eyelet row or how many rows of garter stitch to do between rows of stockinette stitch. I just give the instructions for each style of row and then tell you to work them however you want! Both of my sample shawls were knit completely randomly - but with an eye for balance - and I love that about them. I like that this pattern is more about giving you the guidelines and tools for knitting the shawl you want to knit.