Some Stash Enhancement


On Saturday I went with my mom to the exhibition of quilts and textile arts put on by Courtepointe Quebec. My mother happened to have 2 quilts exhibited in the show and 1 of them won an award! We spent a lovely morning wandering up and down the isles of quilts admiring colours and patterns, and I managed to fit it a wee bit shopping as well. 

Above are the 2 gorgeous quilts that my mom had featured, including her award winning quilt! See that lovely ribbon!? It will be hanging on the wall in her craft room for years to come. Go mom! Pictured with her is Colleen, who did the long arm quilting on both of mom's quilts. I'm proud of you mom! 

My kind of colours.

Above is a selection of Kona cotton solids that I picked up. I've been getting a lot of requests all of a sudden the bring back our Signature Palette and I am happy to oblige. I am clearly so drawn to this particular colour scheme and since I'm planning on switching up the Palettes we offer soon I think it just makes sense. I may tweak the original palette slightly if a new combo jumps out at me while I'm pulling skeins, but something along these lines will be coming to the shop soon!

future dresses/tops for Willow

Next up I picked up a few cute prints from Tamara Kate, a local fabric designer who had her own booth at the show. Her work is gorgeous and right up my alley! Bright and cheerful and just gorgeous. My hope is that I can use these fabrics in some sort of top for Willow. I'll keep you posted. 

for a dreamy sweater

And of course I found the one booth selling a wee bit of yarn and picked up a sweaters worth of this sparkly mohair yarn at 40% off! It was $6 a ball so I bought them all. I plan on holding it together with a single strand of fingering weight yarn, probably in Charcoal, and knitting a dreamy sweater. A fall project I think.