She Makes It So Easy...

While we're on the subject of stash enhancement I thought I'd share part 2 of my haul from this week. In Monday's post I shared a few accidental fabric and yarn purchases (I swear I had no intention of buying craft supplies at the quilt show, but I am weak) and then later that day a glorious package arrived in the mail from my friends at Gauge Dyeworks. Catherine recently had an update featuring a bunch of limited edition colourways and I managed to snag a few skeins, including 2 skeins of the coveted and brilliant Sweater yarn! My skeins are so beautiful and they begged to be photographed. Even though it was a wet and dreary day I dug through my stash and collected all the Gauge Dyeworks skeins I have and lined them up for a little photo play. 

Over the past few years I've gotten quite good at managing my yarn purchases. As a lover of yarn I like collecting special skeins even though you could make a strong argument about the fact that TFA produces more than enough yarn for me to knit with and I really have no business going out and buying yarn. I theoretically never need to buy a skein of yarn again, but where's the fun in that? When I shop for yarn I buy things that are very different from what we do here - self striping yarns, tweedy/rustic yarns, cotton or linen yarn. It's nice to dapple in something new every once in a while to keep things fresh. I don't have any immediate plans for my new skeins, but for now I'm enjoying simply admiring them and scheming. 

One of the skeins is destined to become a Santa Clara sweater. I may experiment with striping one the of Sweater yarns with a solid to get a bigger sweater out of a single skein - maybe - and who knows what I'll knit with the rest of them... One things for sure, you can never have too many striped knits!