Everything's coming up purple!

Are we all pumped about the TFA Summer Blanket KAL!? The KAL launched on Thursday, June 21st and will run all through summer ending on September 21st. It took me until Friday to land on a plan for my summer blanket project. I had a few ideas leading up to the KAL but none of them really grabbed me and took hold. I LOVE projects that use up odds and ends of leftover yarn and when I decided on Tin Can Knit's Polygon pattern it only took one half finished polygon to get me really excited about it. Each polygon takes roughly 20 yards of yarn and knits up in a flash. Once I started it was hard to stop! Though it currently looks like I'm making a purple blanket I'm actually planning a kaleidoscope of colours for this bad boy. I intend to use each and every one of my scraps of DK weight yarn and even double up on some fingering weight scraps too. I don't know how big it will be, I'll see where I end up after all my scraps are used up. Exciting!!!

I also cast on for a new sweater project over the weekend. I'm making Tensile by Emily Greene (part of the latest Wool People collection) in Harmony batch 1. This grey with a purple twist is beautiful and I am pumped for this sweater. The design caught my eye immediately. I LOVE a good turtleneck and don't have nearly enough in my sweater collection. I've finished one sleeve already and so far so good. For such a complex looking design the charts (only 2 of them) are deceptively simple. It's challenging enough to keep my attention, but simple enough to not loose my mind over. 

And since we're talking about purple, how do we all feel about purple hair? The truth is my new hair colour is actually just dark brown - but in the right light it glows mauve and that makes it so much more fun! Who knew I was such a purple person!?